Department of Computer Engineering - Faculty Members

Dr. Brijmohan Daga
Associate Professor & HeadDr. Brijmohan Daga
Ph.D.(Computer Sc. & Engg.)
Areas of Interest: Data Warehousing and Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Digital Image Processing, System Security
Dr. Sunil Surve
Professor & Dean AcademicsDr. Sunil Surve
Ph.D (Electronics)
Areas of Interest: Machine Learning, Microprocessor, Software Architecture
Ms. Merly Thomas
Associate ProfessorMs. Merly Thomas
M.E. (Computer Engg.)
Area of Interest : Software Engineering, Computer Networks, Distributed Computing, Mobile Computing
Dr. Sujatha Deshmukh
Associate ProfessorDr. Sujatha Deshmukh
Ph.D (Information Technology)
Area of Interest: E-commerce, M-commerce, Data Analytics, Distributed Computing
Ms. Swati Ringe
Assistant ProfessorMs. Swati Ringe
Area of Interest:Big Data Analytics,Internet technologies, Object Oriented Programming Methodology using Java,Middle-ware Technologies and EAI, Theory of Computer Science.
Ms. Roshni Padte
Assistant ProfessorMs. Roshni Padte
M.E. (Computer Engg.)
Areas of Interest: Computer Graphics, Image Processing, Discrete Structure, E- Commerce , Multimedia Systems and Design,soft computing , data warehouse and mining.
Ms. Kalpana Deorukhkar
Assistant ProfessorMs. Kalpana Deorukhkar
M.E. (Computer Engg.)
Areas of Interest: Data Data Warehousing and Mining , Artificial Intelligance , Machine Learning, Deep learning
Ms. Ashwini Pansare
Assistant ProfessorMs. Ashwini Pansare
M.E. (Computer Engg.)
Areas of Interest: Image processing,machine learning,Deep learning,data structures and algorithms,web technologies
Ms. Dipali Koshti
Assistant ProfessorMs. Dipali Koshti
M.E. (Computer Engg.)
Areas of Interest: Soft computing, Artificial Intelligenge, Deep learning, Mobile Computing, Human computer interaction, Image Processing
Ms. Supriya Kamoji
Assistant ProfessorMs. Supriya Kamoji
M.E. (Computer Engg.)
Areas of Interest:Image Processing, Computer Organization and Architecture , IOT, Data mining, Machine Learning and Deep Learning
Ms. Monali Shetty
Assistant ProfessorMs. Monali Shetty
M.E. (Computer Engg.)
Areas of Interest: System Security, Computer Network, Mobile communication & Computing, IOT, Machine Learning,Discrete Structure, Web Technology
Mr. Sunil Chaudhari
Assistant ProfessorMr. Sunil Chaudhari
M.Tech. (Computer Sc. & Engg.)
Areas of Interest: Web Technology, Object oriented analysis and Design,Object Oriented Programming ,Machine Learning,Computer networks,Network Security ,IOT,Cloud Computing,Linux System and Network Administration,Cyber Security,Devops
Mr. Mahendra Mehra
Assistant ProfessorMr. Mahendra Mehra
M.E. (CS)
Areas of Interest: Cloud Computing, Computer Networks, Linux System Administration, DevOps, information and network security, digital forensics, operating system, Enterprise network security, IoT