Department of Information Technology - Faculty Members

Dr. Jagruti Save
Professor & HeadDr. Jagruti Save
Ph.D (CSE)
Areas of Interest: Image Processing, Soft Computing, Database, Data mining
Ms.Garima Tripathi
Asst. ProfessorMs.Garima Tripathi
M.E. (Electronics)
Areas of Interest: Digital design, Embedded systems
Ms. Prachi Patil
Assistant ProfessorMs. Prachi Patil
M.E. (CS)
Areas of Interest: Programming Languages, Object oriented programming methodologies
Ms. Sarika Davare
Assistant ProfessorMs. Sarika Davare
M.Tech (IT)
Areas of Interest: Data base Systems, Data mining and Machine Learning, Project Management
Ms. Prajakta Dhamanskar
Assistant ProfessorMs. Prajakta Dhamanskar
Areas of Interest: Computer Network, Design of Algorithms, Ad-hoc Network
Dr. Nilesh Patil
Assistant ProfessorDr. Nilesh Patil
Ph.D. (Computer Engineering)
Areas of Interest: Data Science, Database Systems, Machine Learning, System Security, Operating Systems, Computer Network
Mr. Saurabh Kulkarni
Assistant ProfessorMr. Saurabh Kulkarni
Areas of Interest: Advanced Database systems, Web programming, Big data analytics
Ms. Prajakta Bhangale
Assistant ProfessorMs. Prajakta Bhangale
Areas of Interest: Open source technology, System and web security, Image processing, C, C++
Mr. Unik Lokhande
Assistant ProfessorMr. Unik Lokhande
Areas of Interest: Cloud Computing, System Security, Information Security, Machine Learning, Numerical and Statistical Methods
Ms. Kranti Wagle
Assistant ProfessorMs. Kranti Wagle
Master of Technology
Areas of Interest: Embedded Systems, Microprocessor and Microcontrollers and Digital system Design
Mr. Vaibhav Godbole
Assistant ProfessorMr. Vaibhav Godbole
Master of Engineering
Areas of Interest: Electronic Devices, Electro-Magnetics, Microprocessor and Microcontroller, Computer Architecture
Ms. Parshvi Shah
Assistant ProfessorMs. Parshvi Shah
Master of Engineering
Areas of Interest: Circuit Theory, Signals and Systems, Microprocessor and Microcontroller, Computer Architecture